The Catena Institute of Wine

The Catena Institute of Wine was founded by Dr. Laura Catena in 1995 with the ambitious mission of making Argentine wines that can stand with the best in the world and of advancing Argentina´s winemaking regions for another 100 years.

The Catena family's high altitude wine revolution led to the discovery of a new terroir for wine, the Adrianna Vineyard, located in Gualtallary, Tupungato, Mendoza, at 5,000 feet elevation. Today, the Catena Institute of Wine is dedicated to comprehensively studying the Adrianna Vineyard, making it perhaps the most studied vineyard in the world.

Through worldwide academic partnerships, the Institute seeks to advance and promote wine knowledge for the benefit of the wine community as a whole.

Role and key persons: 

Laura Catena, Founder
Fernando Buscema, Executive Director
Daniela Mezzatesta, PhD Candidate studying the impact of soils on high altitude Malbec.

Research facilities, infrastructure and equipment: 

The CIW comprises a pilot winery of 1500 square meter, a staff of scientist and winegrowers, access to high altitude vineyards in Argentina and a strong network of partners including UC Davis, CONICET and UNCuyo.