Center for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry, Catholic University of Portugal

The Center for biotechnology and fine chemistry (CBQF) is the research centre of the biotechnology faculty of the Catholic University, it has around 55 PhD scientists and approximately the same number of PhD students and other post graduate grantholders at any one time.

Role and key persons: 

ESR11 will be hosted and principally supervised by Associate Professor Tim Hogg (20%) with additional input from Dr Francisco Campos (5%) and Dr José António Couto (5%).

Research facilities, infrastructure and equipment: 

The CBQF is equipped and staffed to operate biosciences, bioengineering and analytical chemistry applied mainly to agro-foods and environmental / industrial areas. It has a single site with well appointed and equipped laboratories for plant science, microbiology and molecular biology, analytical chemistry (predominantly chromatography), sensory analysis and pilot scale processing (fermentation and unit operations). It has excellent access to field and industrial sites for purposes of research collaboration.