Laboratory for Aroma Analysis and Enology (LAAE), University of Zaragoza

The Laboratory of Aroma Analysis and Enology (LAAE) comprises more than 20 people working at the University of Zaragoza within the I3A (Institute of Engineering in Aragón), Faculty of Sciences (main site) and also in La Rioja, in collaboration with the ICVV (Institute for Wine and Vine Sciences). The laboratory is a very active partner who has pioneered a series of works revealing key aspects of the aroma and flavor chemistry of wine. The relevance of the group in the general field of Flavor Chemistry can be seen in the fact that they hosted the last edition of the prestigious Weurman Flavor Conference (2011) and Professor Vicente Ferreira is Associate Editor to the Flavour and Fragrance Journal.

The group has published more than 200 scientific papers and several of his partners rank very high amongst the most prestigious scientific databases (Essential Science Indicators; Biomed Experts, Scopus). The novelty of the group leans on the integration of sensory analysis, psychophysics, sensory directed analysis, advanced organic analysis, chemometrics and statistics with a deep knowledge of wine flavor chemistry and technology.

Role and key persons: 

ESR2 will be hosted and principally supervised by Professors Vicente Ferreira, Ana Escudero and Purificación Fernández-Zurbano.

Research facilities, infrastructure and equipment: 

LAAE contains some of the more advanced instruments for the identification and quantification of all the relevant aroma and flavor chemicals of wine, and is the single laboratory all over the world able to offer a complete list of standardized methods for the quantitative analysis of all relevant flavor molecules of wine. Instruments include different GC, GC-MS, HPLC and HPLC-MS combinations, olfactometric systems, sensory analysis facilities and facilities to work under less than 1 ppm oxygen atmosphere.