Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

The Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ) was founded in 1989. It is located at the heart of Southern Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, in Bernal city, Quilmes. There million people live in this region, which centralizes 20% of the country’s industrial establishments. Nowadays, the UNQ has over eighteen thousand students, distributed among its graduate and postgraduate courses. The UNQ’s essential functions are teaching, research and development, extension and human resource formation. The UNQ has a departmental structure. The Social Sciences, Economy and Administration and the Science and Technology Departments, provide teachers and researchers for the various diploma and degree courses of study taught at the University.

Role and key persons: 

Liliana Semorile, Adriana Caballero, Axel Hollmann, Lucrecia Delfederico, Danay Valdés La Hens. LS, AH, LD and DVLH have extensive experience with traditional microbiology and molecular biology of oenological LAB. The research focus of AC are the oenological yeasts and develop of native starter cultures for alcoholic fermentation.

Research facilities, infrastructure and equipment: 

Science and Technology Department has facilities for conduct molecular biology techniques as PCR, several electrophoresis types (DGGE, 2D, SSCP), and culture cell, as well as qPCR, flow citometry, and florescence microcopy.