Content - creating, editing, saving

Creating and editing

Creating and editing content is very simple!

Different types of new content can be created, such as standard pages, news items, etc (see Content types for a full run-down) - just click the 'Add content' link on the Administration Panel and choose the content you'd like to create.

Content is created using web forms with text-boxes for the titles and body text, file upload facilities for images and documents, etc - all is fairly self-explanatory! However, to fully understand content creation/editing, ensure you read the sections on publishing, URLs, menus and image/document uploads.

Existing content can be edited in exactly the same way - the 'create' web form is exactly the same as the 'edit' web form. Simply find the content you wish to edit in one of two ways:

  1. Navigate to the content in question and click the 'Edit' tab on the page.
  2. Go to the 'Find content' quick link on the Administration Panel and click the 'edit' link on the right-hand side next to the content in question. The 'Find content' list can be filtered using the drop-down boxes at the top of the screen, which makes finding content on larger websites much easier.

Using the 'Find content' facility (click to enlarge)

Note: although the vast majority of content is editable via the above methods, some content is set up differently. For example, the Research page is automatically generated from the various 'Research project' content types that have been created, and is therefore not directly editable. Amendments can still be made to the form and structure of these pages, but this should be done through Heritage Technology (pat [at]


Saving content is simply a case of clicking the 'Save' button at the foot of each create/edit screen. Your changes will not be saved unless this button is clicked! If making long, time-consuming changes, it is therefore prudent to intermittently save your page to prevent data loss if your internet connection or computer fails for any reason.

However, since information is not saved until you click the 'Save' button, feel free to explore the 'edit' screens of existing pages on the website and see how the system works - you won't cause problems unless you click 'Save'!