Content - menus

Once you have created a new page (and given it a URL if required), you can then link that page into the rest of the website. This can be achieved via two methods:

  1. Menu links. Some pages may require an entry in the menu structure, usually as part of a drop-down menu.
  2. In-text hyperlinks. Pages can also be linked with a standard hyperlink from within the content of any other page on the website. For information on how to do this using Markdown, see the section at the end of this guide.

Menu links

Two methods of creating menu links are available. The first is via the 'Edit' screen for the particular page. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, choose the 'Menu settings' tab (usually visible by default) and check the 'Provide a menu link' checkbox. This will allow you to provide a title and description for the menu option, and choose what menu heading you wish to link to appear under. Although there is a 'Weight' option to specify where the new link should appear in the menu, this is not accurate unless you know the other menu option values - it is therefore easier to arrange the menu items manually (see below).

The second option for creating menu links is to use the manual creation tool, accessible via the 'Structure' -> 'Menus' option on the Administration Panel. 'Main menu' contains the menu links visible on each page. To the right are a series of options: 'Add link' will allow a new link to be added to the menu; 'List links' will list the current menu structure and allow menu options to be repositioned and arranged manually (using the small crossed arrows on the left of each option). When adding a new link, the URL extension should be entered in the 'Path' textbox (eg. to create a menu item to the 'About' page, simply enter 'about').

Note: News items are linked automatically to the homepage 'Project updates' feed and the news archive page, but can still be linked in the above ways too if required. Likewise, Research projects are linked automatically in the 'Research' page list... but will need linking manually from the 'Research' drop-down menu.