Microbiome variation as an effect of geography

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Mariano Pistorio (UNLP), Liliana Semorile (UNQ), Hestbjerg (AU), Swiegers (ChrHa)
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Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)
36 months

Wine grapes harbor a wide range of microbes originating from the surrounding environment, many of which are recognized for their role in grapevine health and wine quality. In the sixteenth century, the Vitis vinifera was introduced to America. In the “new world” the Vitis cultivars are cultivated in diverse enviroment. This project studies the relationship between soil and wine grape microbiota associated with cultivars of Vitis in the new world compared to these microbiota in the “old world” in order to determinate if there is any association in the disappearance of diseases when importing wine stocks to the new world. The type of rizospheric and wine grape microorganisms will be done by classical assays as well as metagenomic approaches. The information obtained will be helpful in the development of inoculant suitable for example for preventing plants diseases. In the case of wine grape microorganism, these will be evaluated in their metabolic capacities during wine fermentation in relation to their contribution to the sensory profile and wholesomeness of wines.

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Mónica Oyuela Aguilar