Users - creating a new user

The facility to add new users is restricted to those users who have been assigned the 'Administrator' role. When logged in as an 'Administrator', the database of online members can be viewed via the 'People' option on the Administration Panel. This page will list all members, which can be sorted if required.

Creating a new user account

Anyone can be given a username and password for the website. This action can currently only be performed by the administrator using the following instructions (although there is potential for people to register themselves if required).

To add a new member, click the 'People' option on the Administration Panel - a link labelled 'Add user' will be visible above the filtering options.

The 'Add user' page will ask for a username (this must be unique), an email address (again, unique) and a password. On many websites, usernames are often people's email addresses, and it is probably best to adhere to this system since these are easily remembered. The initial password can be a random mix of letters and numbers, since the users themselves can change it to something more memorable later.

Assigning roles

You can also assign 'Roles' to a user to limit their content editing permissions to specific parts of the site (see Users - Overview). Under the 'Roles' heading, simply tick the roles you wish to assign ('authenticated user' is ticked by default).

Notifying new users

Finally, new members can be notified of their usernames and passwords via an automatic email. It is recommended this box is checked, unless it is planned to contact the new members individually with their log-in details.

After completing the form, simply click the 'Create new account' button. You'll be notified if the new account creation was successful with a little green panel at the top of the screen. However, a red panel indicates an error - usually that the username already exists in the system or an email address in inadmissible.